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Everyone at St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival would like to pass on a big than you for all your help and support in helping us to deliver a very successful ‘Carnival 2014′ and thanks also to the Arts Council and Bristol City Council.  Without your help and support it would have been most difficult if not impossible to deliver Carnival this year.  Thank you once again, love and best wishes, walk good and god bless.  John Farquharson, Treasurer

LOST PROPERTY: If you lost any belongings on Saturday 5th July please can you contact the office via email: info@stpaulscarnival.co.uk or give us a call on 0117 944 4176 so we can help you regain your property or point you in the right direction.

2014 Carnival – Saturday 5th July

‘Promoting participation in the Education and Appreciation of African and Caribbean Arts and Culture’

This year’s programme can be found on our ‘What’s on’ page.

Theme- ‘HOME- Inna We Yard’

This Year’s Theme; The theme for this year’s St Paul’s Carnival is ’Home – Inna We Yard.’ It is noticeable that the English language is one of the few languages that have two words to distinguish the place we live in – house and home – and that the latter is a very important one for all of us. ‘Home’ means different things to different people but a true sense of home will encompass a feeling of one being at peace. African Proverb When you are at home, your troubles can never defeat you’  Cape Coast, Ghana

St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival Ltd

St Pauls Carnival Saturday 5th July

St Pauls Carnival one of the most vibrant and well attended of the city’s annual calendar of cultural events will once again hit the streets of St Pauls on the first Saturday of July. The Carnival is approaching 50 years old and is an established part of Bristol’s heritage and identity. This year’s theme is ‘Home – Inna we Yard’ and is expected to attract 100,000 people over the course of the day. As in previous years there will be a Masquerade parade featuring over 1,000 participants from local schools and community groups, stages in Portland Square and on the green in front of St Pauls Learning Centre, 15 sound systems and a wide array of stalls selling food and crafts. However the closing time of the Carnival will this year be trialled at midnight due to the cost implications of a 2am finish. This decision has been taken in collaboration with SAGE (Safety advisory Group) and includes key partners Bristol City Council, Police and Ambulance, all of whom are experiencing government cuts and strains on resources. Chair Cleo Lake commented ‘I joined the Board in September of 2012 after the event was sadly cancelled, since then myself and the new trustees have been committed to securing the event for future generations, keeping the event on the streets of St Pauls and where possible ensuring that the event will by and large remain a free event to attend. We have to bring the event in on budget. The changes we want to see for the long-term survival are in the process of happening and cannot happen overnight. We are looking at various options to save money and make money. This year we will be running our own bar which should bring in much needed revenue. If everyone attending bought one drink, for example a bottle of water from our official bar then we would be on our way to sustainability.’ Although the Carnival will be ending at midnight there will be planned after parties for people wishing to party on. The Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson said: “I’ve been determined that St Pauls Carnival returns to the streets of Bristol again this summer. It is such a vital and much-loved Bristol event that brings people from all communities together with a spirit of generosity and celebration.  Following the huge success of the launch of our 2014 Make Sunday Special series and with the Balloon Fiesta, Harbourside and Pride Festivals still to come, Bristol is continuing to strengthen its growing reputation as the best UK city in which to live and play, I would particularly like to pay tribute to all the many volunteers whose hard work and dedication make the annual St Pauls Carnival possible.” New initiatives this year include a schools platform event at Circomedia and the release of a Carnival anthem featuring a host of Bristol based artists. The anthem  ‘Carnival Time Again / We Deh Ya’ will reference not only the history of St Pauls Carnival but also the huge contribution and influence made by the Windrush generation and further the migration of Africans to the UK since Tudor times.  The anthem will be sold as a Charity record and also utilised as a promotional and education tool with accompanying music video and documentary.  Anyone wishing to be in the music video or support in anyway is welcome to get in touch. To keep abreast with events and information please follow on twitter @stpaulscarnival or join the mailing list. The Board of Trustees would like to remind the public that we still have spaces on the Board particularly for people who may have skills in fundraising, communications, global partnerships or legal expertise.

Carnival 2014

Information regarding how to sponsor carnival and how you can help us to promote the arts can be found on the sponsorship page of our website or you can download it here St Pauls Carnival Sponsorship Pack 2014.

Text Donations To help raise funds for the carnival, we have relaunched our text donation service. You can make a donation simply by texting ‘CARN45‘ followed by the amount you’d like to donate (including £ sign) to 70070. For example, to donate £5 you would send ‘CARN45 £5‘ to 70070.

The text message is free and will not come out of your inclusive messages. St Pauls Carnival (registered charity 1136561) will receive all of your text donation. Please make sure that you have the bill payer’s permission before making this donation.

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