Can I Make Money from Home?

There are lots of people that like the idea of working from home. This could be because they have had to do some work form home and enjoyed it, they want to avoid a commute or they have children or family at home that they are caring for. It can seem difficult to do though as a majority of employers like their employees to be at their workplace, not at home. However, there are some ways that you can make money form home so it is worth trying.

Online surveys

There are a lot of people that make some extra money by doing online surveys and other small tasks. These can be very easy to do. It is worth noting that you will have accumulate a certain amount of money before you will get paid for them. So, you may have to get £20 or even up to £50 before you get a pay-out. This can take a year or more so you will have to be patient, but it is nice when you get the money that you have earned. It can be a fun way to earn money and does not really feel like work either. This means that you can earn with very little effort. You will find that they do not pay loads though and there are some companies that will send you lots of surveys but only pay you if you qualify and you may have to spend quite a bit of time answering screening questions before you know if you qualify. However, some companies will only send you ones that you qualify for or pay you even if you get screened out.


This is not earning, but if you spend a lot of money online, it is well worth signing up to a cashback site. These work by giving you back a percentage of what you spend or a lump sum. You will need to go to the retailer’s website using a link on the cashback site so that they can track your purchase and then they will pay you cashback if you qualify. This can be a good way to spend a bit less, but you need to be careful that you do not end up spending more money just because they offer cashback, even if you get a discount you will still be spending money. So only use it for things that you would have been buying anyway.

Freelance work

There are lots of freelance jobs that you can find online including through some large websites. These jobs can be extremely useful. There can be small and large jobs in all sorts of different professions. You will not be paid massive amounts because you are competing for work with people form all over the world, but the convenience of being able to work form home can be worth it. Also, as you build up a reputation and get recommended to others, you may be able to start putting your rates up. Just make sure that you use a site that is genuine – never pay out money to get a job and check out reviews on trusted websites first.

Ask employer if you can

It might just be worth asking your current employer if they can give you some work to do at home. Some people are able to work form home for one or more days a week. They may still have to go into the office for certain things but it could be possible to do some at home. It is worth asking if you do a job that can be done from home. 

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