Do I Need to Stop Giving to Charity if I want more Money?

Many people give to charity, either regularly or at particular times. However, if we are in the situation where we want more money, then cutting back in this area could be something that might help us financially. However, it might be something that you do not want to do. There are different approaches though, that you can consider, which might help you to work out the best solution to this problem.

Reduce spending elsewhere

It might be possible that there are other ways that you can reduce the amount that you are spending. You might buy luxury items that you can cut down on or you might be able to compare the prices on the items that you are buying so that you spend less on those. It is well worth thinking about all of the things that you buy and whether there are any areas where you can cut down. Think about what you are paying for items and whether there is any way that you can reduce the amount you pay, perhaps by buying cheaper brands or by buying things less often.

Find ways to earn more

It might be that you will be able to find some ways to earn some extra money which will enable you to still spend the same amount on charity donations. This will be easier for some people than others. However, there are lots of different things you could consider. You might be able to do more hours in your job, get a second job, do some freelance work, sell some things you won or other things. It is good to think about what skills you have and what sort of work you might like to do. You might be prepared to do anything or maybe only certain things. You may also need to work from home because you are caring for your family or need something easy so it is relaxing. There are likely to be jobs that fit your requirement if you look hard enough.

Give a lower amount

It might be possible that you could still afford to make a smaller donation but not just the amount that you are making now. This means that you will still be able to help out but not as much as usual. This could be enough to provide them with some of the help that they need and you could always give them a bit extra to make up for it once you have more funds available to you. If you pay by direct debit you should be able to reduce this to an amount that you can afford. If you do not pay this way then you should easily be able to reduce the amount that you give them.

Give your time instead of money

There may be things that you can do to help with raising money for the charity or to help out with the charity that will not cost you money. You could help to promote them and fundraise for them, perhaps doing a birthday fundraiser, sponsored event or something like this. You could just let your friends and family know about them and they might be able to give some money in place of your doing so. Another thing that you could do is to do some voluntary work for them. Helping out with things can be as usual or even more useful than giving them money. Of course, this will very much depend on the specific charity and whether you are near enough to them to be able to help out.

It can be hard giving up something like this, especially if you are really used to being able to afford to give money regularly. However, think about whether the charity would want you to struggle and suffer because you were giving to them.

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